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Dear Sister,

Come Dance with us!


The Essence of You is Pure Love.

Every woman has a Priestess within her.

When you merge your primal sexual body with your divine spirit body, from a space of peacefulness with everyone and everything from your past, it is a joy unlike any you have experienced before. It is your Divine Design.” ~ Jaitara

To claim your “Sexual Priestess” is to own your Divine Design as a Sacred BEing inside a Sacred Sexual Body as Creation intended; to BE in Ecstatic Self-love; to deeply connect with your Womb Wisdom; to activate your Orgasmic Sexual Energy as a source of Healing; to channel your Sexual Life Force Energy into Creative Mastery… and to pave this path for the daughters who follow.

You are a powerful soulful woman and you give so much. Now give this gift to you.

Yes, Sexual Energy is about physical expression, AND it’s also the root of our Creative Life Force. It has a direct impact on your ability to be in the Power of Your Voice and Unapologetic Ecstatic Expression in both Love and what you Create in the World.

“Sexual Priestess” is a Journey that combines Spiritual Wisdom, Emotional Healing, the Art of Love and Science.
Are you ready? Take the first step.

I will gently and lovingly show you the way…

Sister, come play with us, dance with us and dive into the 6 Modules of this powerful transcendent journey. 

Transmutation of sex energy may lift one to the status of a genius.” – Napoleon Hill

I am in my 62nd year of life and more in love with being inside my body and more vibrant in my soul than ever before. Those who know me well, know me for my sense of peacefulness, playfulness and passion.  It wasn’t always like this. For many years I carried the burden of self-judgment from sexual shame and wounding. It is my honor to guide you with the wisdom from my years of Spiritual Exploration and Healing.  Much love.

 Jaitara Signature


Put away your pointless taboos and restrictions on Sexual Energy — rather help others to truly understand it’s wonder, and to channel it properly.” ~ God, channeled by Neale Donald Walsh


S.A.C.R.E.D. ~ The 6 – Part Sexual Priestess Journey


S. ~ Part 1: Sacred Sexual Archetypes™

So many women do not know what energy they exude, or what wisdom center to live out of, causing confusion or disconnect from their true authentic nature.

The “Sacred Sexual Archetypes™” process is based on the science of Ayurveda. In this segment, you discover your primary Archetype, as well your secondary and third.  With this knowledge, you will learn:

  • How your Archetypes determine your body type.
  • What Archetypes you are most compatible with in intimate relationships and how to access the gifts of your Archetype to maintain relationship harmony.
  • How to best nourish your body based on your Archetype metabolism
  • How your Archetype uniquely responds to emotional wounding and how to tap into the wisdom of your Archetypes to move through and self-heal most effectively.
  • How to embrace the unique qualities, wisdom and gifts of your Archetype to experience more ecstatic love in your life and deepen the love for your own body.

A. ~ Part 2: Activating Emotional Wholeness

We’ve all had hurts, upsets and emotional wounding. The residue of this keeps us suppressed and chained as women.

In this segment we will dive into the deep end as we move through a three stage process to bring you clarity, clear emotional residue that no longer serves you, and activate a deeper sense of inner peace and emotional wholeness. In this three stage process, we will…

  • “Heal Your Sexual Legacy™”. This is a powerful signature piece that will bring clarity to points of view and false beliefs that do not belong to you, that you have subconsciously picked up through the environment you’ve been exposed to, resulting in constriction and wounding.  Then we will release and clear the emotional residue that your body has been holding onto around this and establish a new empowered Sexual Legacy for you to step into.
  • Learn a simple process incorporating your breath and resetting your thoughts to transform stress and overwhelm to ease and pleasure.
  • Learn a 10 minute Morning ritual that starts your day from a space of peace, spiritual alignment, playfulness and activates your Life Force Energy.

C. ~ Part 3: Cycles

The Feminine is Mystery. Creation is her magic. Spirit and Matter are always connected in her. A woman carries the light of a soul in her womb, sharing her blood to nourish it; birthing it into the world of matter.

When we deny her Divine Mystery, we deny the Sacredness of life, hiding the light of her wisdom in darkness, distorting existence. The sex of a woman is the portal to life. We must cherish our Sacred Mysteries.

The Moon Time of the Maiden and the Mother brings cleansing and the possibility of new life.  The Completion of Moon Time in the Empress and Crone brings new life to Sexual Expression. There is vibrancy, radiance and Sacredness in all of life’s stages.

In this Module, we will explore womb wisdom and it’s intuitive powers of creation. We will explore the blood mysteries and the integral connection of our bodies with the cycles of the Moon, and the the seeds of fertility within us. We will explore our ability to create new life and to create in our life. We will explore the magic of the completion of our Moon time and how to live radiantly with sexual vibrancy into the cycles of the Empress and the Crone.

This Module is rich with Feminine Wisdom, Ceremony and an honoring of all the Cycles of the Feminine to be more vibrant, healthy and whole in our sexual body, our emotional body and our spiritual body.

*Photo is by my co-creative partner and Beloved Sister, Evelina Pentcheva. The model is also Evelina. 

R. ~ Part 4: Relationship Harmonization

There are 2 parts to this modality…
Part 1 — Dance of the Masculine and Feminine
Here we dissolve the riff between the Feminine and Masculine that creates confusion and separation and learn to embrace the Feminine and Masculine power in a healthy way, unifying them. The relationship between the feminine and masculine is like a Divine Dance. We each have a degree of Feminine and Masculine sexual essence within us. Whether you are straight or gay the polarities between the Feminine and Masculine must harmonize in order for intimacy to take place. In Part 4 we explore secrets to Master the Dance of your Feminine and Masculine Essence to create harmony in relationships, including the one with yourself.

  • Discover how self-judgment and low self esteem is actually a disconnect between your Feminine and Masculine essence and what to do about it.
  • Learn how your leadership role, whether you are a CEO, entrepreneur or stay at home mom can be contributing to your Feminine Sexual Essence being out of balance.
  • Discover how embracing and aligning with your inner Divine Masculine essence is a golden key to a deeper sense of self-love, liberating ecstatic Feminine expression and if desired, attracting more Divine Masculine men into your life.

Part 2 — Conscious Communication
Love relationships can be unconsciously sabotaged. Also if we are emotionally triggered by or trigger other women, this can impact our intimate relationships. In this Modality, we will explore how to create deep bonding, verses separation through conscious communication.

  • Lover to Lover – We will get to the root source of why so many powerful women find communication in intimate relationships challenging and are uncomfortable asking their partners for what they want sexually. Discover how to transform the very thing which is the source of this problem into being a gift that creates ease in communication and confidence in asking for what you want sexually in such a way that you are orgasmically fulfilled, and your lover feels like the hero. Discover how this same process also empowers you to be more in your voice with professional purpose.
  • Sister to Sister – In this process we will explore how to cast light on the shadow that exists between women, the origin of that and how to break patterns we subconsciously inherit that diminish our sexual vibrancy and wholeness, and how to transcend this into a gift for self awareness and expansion.

(This image is compliments of the artist, Dorina Costras, titled “Illusion”. To see more of her art and to purchase, go to this link, but first stay here and register for “Sexual Priestess)


E. ~ Part 5: Elements of Sexual Expression

The “Four Elements of Sexual Expression™” is another signature process of this program.

Many women are stunted, held back or shy in their full enjoyment, expression and pleasures of being a woman. In this Session you will expand your capacity to receive and enjoy and delight in the pleasures of being a woman. You will learn four powerful switches to ramp up your soul, your bodily sexual energy, and creative life force.

When all Four of the Elements of Sexual Expression™ are being fulfilled, Sexual intimacy is expressed in its most ecstatic blissful state, sensually, erotically and spiritually.  When just one of these elements is not being fully expressed, sexual intimacy is constricted or lacking the fullness of the enjoyment and pleasure possible.

In Part 5, you will discover these Elements of Sexual Expression through a simple process that identifies and brings clarity to which of the elements are being expressed by you and which ones require more attention.

These Elements can also be applied to professional purpose, opening you to being a more magnetic presence, empowered voice and unapologetic expression.

D. ~ Part 6: Divine Integration

Many women have been damaged by religion and philosophy, disconnecting our Divinity from our pleasures as women. It has been done consciously to suppress our power.  In this Session in a gentle and loving way, we will connect our Sexual essence to our Divinity and this will be your Initiation and Activation into being a Sacred Sexual Priestess.

Learn how to create Sacred Ceremony, integrating your personal relationship with God Source and your Sexuality. Discover how this creates longer more potent orgasms, a more tangible connection to Source, a deeper love of self, and a deeper connection with your lover.

The breath is like an umbilical cord that connects our physical body with our spirit body. Learn simple and powerful breathing techniques to integrate into your Spiritual practice and your meditation practice that contribute to feelings of deep inner peace, vitality, healing and Divine Integration.

Learn to tap into the power of your Womb Wisdom with breath integration to activate and empower your Creative Force.