Opening to Abundance

Guided Meditation

*  Track 1 quiets the mind and connects your body with the breath.

*  Track 2 breathes through the chakras and activates your creative force.

*  Track 3 is for energizing the vision of what you are wanting to manifest in your life.

*  It is recommended that you listen to all 3 tracks in sequence your first time playing the audios. 

*  For a shorter version, you can skip track 2 or 3. What ever sequence you choose, always listen to Track 1 first.

*  Be sure to be in a quiet relaxed space.

*  These audios are NOT for listening while driving.

Enjoy Your “Opening to Abundance”

The voice on all tracks is Jaitara.  Music on all tracks is by Bob Mills from the CD “Gentle Landscapes”

Track 1 – “Making the Connection” —  background music: “Parting Clouds”  7:19
Click here to download the MP3 of track 1 

Track 2 – “Activation” —  background music: “Meditation”  11:51
Click here to download the MP3 of track 2

Track 3 – “Opening to Abundance” —  background music: “Echos of the Wind”  11:51
Click here to download the MP3 of track 3