Sexual Priestess Session Info and Resources

“Sacred Sexual Enlightenment Wisdom Cards”

These cards sell on the site for $30.

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Lets Talk!

Schedule a private one-on-one connection call with Jaitara to discuss attending the one week Sacred Sexual Priestess Circle Journey Retreat in Ojai, with her, Aurora Rae and Evelina Pentcheva.
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The S.A.C.R.E.D. Process…

  1. Sacred Sexual Archetypes
  2. Accessing Emotional Wholeness
  3. Conscious Communication
  4. Relationship Harmonization
  5. Elements of Sexual Expression
  6. Divine Integration

Links & Info to Access Live Sessions and Q&A Calls

Sessions: If you haven’t registered on the Webinar Jam page yet, you MUST do so if you want to access the live Sessions.
Click on this link to do that now:

Q&A Fridays: Here’s the call in info for the Q&A calls on Friday’s at 12pm PST/ 3pm EST. If you can’t make the call live and you have a question, send your questions to: I will stay on the call until everyone’s questions have been answered.
Call in info:
Phone:  (712) 432-0490  ~  Passcode: 739866

Session 1:

Sacred Sexual Archetypes

Session 1 Handout…

The Sacred Sexual Archetype Assessment

Session 1 Replays

Q & A Call

*** Due to the deep connection, channelling and organic unfolding of these calls, they are so much more than just Q&A, so they are being renamed from Q&A Calls to Clarity Connection Calls

These calls are powerful. Be sure to listen AND do your very best to show up live and experience our connection with one another on a much deeper level, while also receiving more clarity of Your Sacred Sexual Priestess Journey.

Session 2:

Accessing Emotional Wholeness

Session 2 Handout…

The Self-Love Forgiveness Letter

*** Do NOT fill out this Handout before you attend the Session. First I have to take you through a deep process that proceeds the “Forgiveness Letter”.  Just print it out and have it ready when you attend the Session. You will have sufficient time to fill it out during the Session on the Webinar.  Thank you!

Session 2 Replay

Session 3:

Conscious Communication

Session 3 Handout…

*** You do NOT have to fill anything out in advance. Simply print out the Handout and have it ready to go during Session 3.  Thank you!

Session 3 Replay

Session 4:

Relationship Harmonization

Session 4 Handout…

*** You do NOT have to fill anything out in advance. Simply print out the Handout and have it ready to go during Session 4.  Thank you!

Dance music in this Session is: “Step Into Your Power” by Orgena Rose

Session 5:

Elements of Sexual Expression

Session 5 Handout…

*** You do NOT have to fill anything out in advance. Simply print out the Handout and have it ready to go during Session 5.  Thank you!

Session 6:

Divine Integration

Session 6 Handout…

*** You do NOT have to fill anything out in advance. Simply print out the Handout and have it ready to go during Session 6.  Thank you!

There is no Replay for the final Clarity Connection Call. It was a small intimate gathering with very personal and private sharing, so to honor the confidentiality of what was shared on this call, the conversation will stay between myself and those present.  Much love

My Birthday Gifts to You

1. Opening to Abundance ~ Guided Meditation

It is recommended that you listen to all 3 tracks in sequence your first time playing the audios. For a shorter version, you can skip track 2 or 3. What ever sequence you choose, always listen to Track 1 first. Be sure to be in a quiet relaxed space. These audios are NOT for listening while driving.

Track 1 – “Making the Connection” — background music: “Parting Clouds” 7:19 ~ Quiets the mind and connects your body with the breath.  Click here to download the MP3

Track 2 – “Activation” — background music: “Meditation” 11:51 ~ Breathes through the chakras and activates your creative life force. Click here to download the MP3

Track 3 – “Opening to Abundance” — background music: “Echos of the Wind” 7:25 ~ Energizes the vision of what you are wanting to manifest in your life. Click here to download the MP3

2. The Playful Partnership – Ebook


Click here to download your copy of “The Playful Partnership” now.

  • This book is written by Jaitara, however at the time she wrote this book, she was still going by the name, “Taylore Ashlie”.

Morgana Rae Products:

Our Sexual Chakra is directly connected to our Root Chakra. The Root Chakra directly impacts our money story.
I love the simplicity of how Morgana works with Spiritually oriented women to eliminate the shadows that block the money flow from coming into their lives and shift into creating a new powerful relationship with money based on Love.

Click on this link to access Morgana’s E-book, “Financial Alchemy” and learn how to identify your Money Monster, destroy it and create your new Money Honey.

Click on this link to access Morgana’s MP3 “Money and Women” and discover the connection between a woman’s relationship with money and her relationship with her body, her sexuality, and love.

Click on this link to access Morgana’s MP3 “Money and Men“. Financial Stress can be even harder on men. For men, it cuts you off at the knees. Morgana shows you how to slay the monster and be the hero.

Click on this link to access Morgana’s “Limiting Belief Obliterator”. Morgana’s ever popular, best-selling Limiting Belief Obliterator. QUICKLY and EASILY go back to the root cause of your limitations and transform your past to create an unlimited future!

Vedic Astrology Reading:

Click on this link to go to Jeffrey Armstrong’s page and schedule an appointment for a Vedic Astrology Reading.  

*** Once you have scheduled your appointment with Jeffrey, contact me and I will gift you with one of the following bonuses:
“The Playful Partnership” A wise man’s guide to harmony at work and passion at play – Ebook version
“Opening to Abundance” – Guided Meditation

Click on this link to purchase Jeffrey’s Ayurvedic Body Types Audio.   *** Then if you decide to also book an Ayurvedic Astrology reading, please use the link above, or tell Jeffrey that you are one of my students.  Thank you!

Article Recommendations:

Click to read:

“The Science of Stress, Orgasm and Creativity: How the Brain and the Vagina Conspire in Consciousnessby Maria Popova

“Was Mother Mary Really A Virgin” by Rev. Jaitara

Health Info

Click here to read the Top 10 Foods to Eat for Your Ayurvedic Body Type.  * If you are Air, your Ayurvedic Body Type is: Vata.  If you are If you are Fire, you are Pitta.  If you are Earth or Water, you are Kapha. 

Book Recommendations:

Click on the links below to go to the book on Amazon…

The Hidden Messages in Waterby Masaru Emoto

Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

For Men:
The Multi-Orgasmic Man“:
Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know by Mantak Chia

“The Way of the Superior Man”: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work and Sexual Desire by David Deida

“The Playful Partnership” by Taylore Ashlie (Jaitara)

Music Recommendations

“La Sagesse” (Woman I’m Calling You) by Sheila Chandra from the CD “The Zen Kiss” – Music from the beginning of Session 3

Available on iTunes.

Music Video: Natasha Bedingfield ~ “Unwritten”

This is the video we danced to in Session 2.  Enjoy!

Breast Massage – How to Love Your Breasts: Elizabeth DiAlto

A beautiful practice of self-love.